Noushin Ourmazd Photography


Khanom is a Farsi (Persian) word. It is a commonly used honorific in Farsi, used for women, meaning either Mrs, Miss, Ms, Wife, Lady, Woman, Mistress, Mother, Female or obedient.This exhibition embodies the identity crises that Iranian women routinely are subject to, due to an onslaught of socioeconomic and political/cultural pressures.

Who are we?

Our rebellious and free-natured spirit is being suppressed. We are not what we wanted to be and we are not what they want us to be. All this confinement and limitation has caused women to search for their identity in material comforts.

The essence of what choice means in Western society, is absent in Iranian society. Women sacrifice their truth and freedom for financial and emotional security. Whilst not always, this sacrifice in many cases can mean their submission to chauvinism and male dominance. This artist sets out to show this through her work. Each and every material possession shown in her work was placed deliberately and carefully and act as representations of the female's male counterpart.

For change to happen, fundamental changes in the structure of Iranian society are needed.