Noushin Ourmazd Photography

My Story

I was born and raised in Iranian society for the first half of my life. I began nurturing my love for art under supervision of my mother, who was an artist. Years later, I naturally pursued art as my degree.

Having experienced the major shift in society after the Revolution, and the oppression of women that followed, I moved with my family to the UK. I have spent the second half of my life immersed in Western culture. I have experienced a life worlds apart from home, where even though people can be free from the onslaught of religious and social pressure, are still living under the pressure of the consumer society. I travel back to Iran almost every year, which helps me observe the marked changes in my birth country.


My photography takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues in less fortunate societies, especially Iran, my homeland.

I quest for the unknown and I look for the light within the shadows. I am interested in the way of becoming part of a society, which establishes identity, but also takes the emphasis away from the individual. I aim to show how all the confinement and limitation in society have caused people confusion with the loss and gain of  their identities at the same time.


My art is an expression of the conflicts in human choices, freedom, consumerism and constrain that I have felt.

As an artist I believe my mission is to show what I see and give freedom to the audience to make their own judgment. I only portray reality from my camera viewpoint.

Although I always have and will have a personal interest in what is going on with women in society, I feel it is a little narrow-minded of me as an artist if I only concentrate on a single part of society. Whilst I will always continue to highlight the plight of women, my art is about people. Everything is connected in society, and I want to make sure that my work honestly represents that, as I see it. Having said that, it needs to be said that women are usually the group who are more vulnerable and effected in the environments I look at.